Sunday, August 17, 2014

Lets Make a Deal

I spent a little time making a deal with myself - if I'm starting Danuta's Garden (and I have) I wanted to finish off the row of Wonky Stars, get it attached to my Postage Stamp quilt and move this one to the finished column.

The stars have been laid out on the floor waiting for another one or two to be added to the end, and they have been there for a few weeks now, so it was time to get everything put together.

It came together nicely in the end and I'm lovin' the result. There are 3,024 2-inch square hand-pieced blocks, but the stars (13-inch blocks) were made on the machine. And if you look closely around the top and right edges you can see the purple diamond border pattern that I worked in.

Those stars are really fun to make - I'd like to make a baby quilt out of them.

The size of the blocks didn't fit perfectly with the length of the quilt so I added two pieces of sashing in the bottom left corner - just one more bit of scrappiness....M

Saturday, August 09, 2014

The Back Story

A few of you have asked for more details about the Danuta's Garden quilt that Jane, Linda and I are all now working on, so I thought I'd share a bit of the back story on it.

Mom and I made this quilt for a friend of Anne's in the late 90s. I had found it in an ad in a quilting magazine so we drafted it and put it together. The original pattern was shown in very traditional, muted tones - lots of browns and creams and a bit of pink - but we made with a wide variety of florals and a yellow print for the block and sashing backgrounds.

I didn't pay much attention to the quilt name but still have the dog eared clipping.

The other day I happened to turn it over. Imagine my surprise when I realized that it is a Civil War pattern (who knew??!).

Designed by Patchwork On Stonleigh, it came out after Judie Rothermel released her first Civil War fabric collection, and apparently was very popular - it sounds like she sold tons of patterns and did lots of workshops on it; it doesn't appear to be available any longer. Surprisingly, I haven't been able to find other images of it online, with the exception of this one at Julia's Place

It's amazing how different it looks in brighter fabrics.

We're using 3" blocks for the 9-patches (actually, I think that mine are just a tad smaller) and everything flows from there. We also continue the Ohio Star blocks into the corners rather than the 4 different blocks in the original design.

Now that I have a little string of sashing together it will be fun to compare it to Linda and Jane's....M

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Cutting, Cutting, and More Cutting

We enjoyed a great long weekend, taking in a football game in Ottawa, catching up on long overdue sleep and reading, sipping cold drinks on the deck, and generally having a wonderful time. Not much sewing included in that list but I did resolve to finally finish cutting up all the strips that I had prepared for Minnie into hexies. Easier said than done.

I continually underestimated how many strips that I had, but took a stab at it. Good progress was made Friday night but at least half of the strips remained.

Fresh fruit is in season now so Sunday I decided to whip up my much-loved Crostada (I'm sure you're sick of hearing just how much I love this dessert - thank you Ina Garten). Mmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm.

Not sure if it was the sugar boost from dessert or just having time on my side, but I finally conquered those strips, and have a lovely little pile of hexies cut and ready to sew. It doesn't look like much but there are lots here.I know I'll need more as I get into the larger rounds but will cut those as I need them so that the strips don't start getting all ratty.  Finally!....M

Thursday, July 31, 2014

I Caved

I guess it was just a matter of time because I've been dancing around this one for a while now, and I've finally caved.

After taking pics for my last post I started digging in the cubicle where I had been keeping all the fabrics for Danuta's Garden when I was ready to pick it up. Most of my fabrics are stored by colour but this cubby has been collecting florals specifically for this quilt.

A little baggie of scraps revealed a treasure trove of 1 3/8" blocks for the sashing, but even better than that, 30 4-square blocks already assembled. I know that a few of them were remnants from the last quilt because they were machine stitched, but there were many more that were hand stitched (when I did these I have no idea), so it's not really starting a new quilt at all, is it? Just picking up one that was already in the works :).

Of course once I got into the bag I just had to sit and stitch a few more, so 30 is now 40. I need about 350, but hey, a start is a start....M