Monday, April 20, 2015


With the arrival of warmer weather the yard and gardens seem to be getting more attention than the stitching these days - I seem to be in neutral on the quilting front - but, just like the gardens in Springtime, there has been a little progress on Danuta's Garden.

I'm intent on adding more pinks and greens to the sashing four-patch blocks and it's starting to make a difference.

A few more yellows would probably be a good idea.

Slowly the sashing strips are getting longer, and that's progress, so maybe I'm not totally in neutral.

Today is dull, dull, dull and rainy and it looks like we will have a week of this, so maybe it's a good time to hang my new Julamade Sunrise Butterfly garland. The delicate little butterflies are only 1.5" high and just adorable! Such a talented niece I have!!...M

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Split Personality

I looked up from the sewing machine the other day to see two very different types of quilt blocks looking back at me from the design wall and it struck me how not only does my taste change through the years, but also, that there are lots off different aspects to my 'quilt personality'. The one thing that does seem to be consistent is my love of scrappy and using up every little bit.

Every now and then I dive into the shoe box that is my Pineapple Tidbits with the hopes that one day there will be enough blocks to string together. Part of me thinks that I will always have this shoe box on the go because I'm always topping up the scraps in the zip lock bags that hold the strips. That's okay. It's a classic pattern with a rich, traditional feel and even when mine is finished there will always be someone that can use a quilt.

And then there's another side of me that is drawn to the newer, cleaner, more graphic, dare I say 'modern', patterns and fabrics, like these Scrappy Log Cabin blocks. Very little of my stash falls into this category, but there is some, and more every day. It's clean and simple and completely different from the more traditional side of me. I'm more selective in picking these fabrics because I don't have the same comfort level mixing them as I do with my more traditional prints or rich, large florals. There are a range of styles that appeal to me that fall between these two extremes but seeing them together on the wall got me thinking about them. Do you have multiple personalities or is it a pretty consistent taste for you?....M

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Stars For The Garden

Despite all the hopes for brighter weather last weekend we have had just the dullest of weeks. Hopefully today will mark a turnaround. Maybe a few stars for Danuta's Garden will help.

It's a nice little collection but I do find myself wondering if I should have had more specific colour palettes for both the border stars and the sashing rather than making the whole thing scrappy. But then I remember how much I liked the original so I think I will just stay to plan.

The last two still have a few rows of stitches before they are complete.

These last two blocks are made from different colours of the same print. Pretty....M

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Cookie Craving

For the past couple of days I've had a real craving for a good chewy oatmeal cookie. Tonight I finally caved and made a batch - heaven!

If I had baked them last night it was going to be either Cherry Pecan Oatmeal, Chewy Oatmeal Raisin or Anzac Cookies. But I got sidetracked, so they didn't get baked until this evening. And when I looked at my recipes again, Loaded Chocolate Chip Oatmeal came out on top. And loaded they are. Can you say chocolate chips, oatmeal, coconut, peanut butter and pecans?

This is the first time making this recipe but that didn't seem to put the Official Cookie Tester off. "Awesome" could be heard between bites and gulps of milk (did I mention he's also a peanut butter fiend?). Guess this recipe's a keeper....M