Sunday, September 17, 2017

My Blue Period

It's been more than a little busy here lately with one thing or another, but I'm determined to fit some some time in to work on table toppers for the Holly Bazaar.

I had prepped a pile of toppers to quilt for whenever the mood struck me, including the Old Italian block runners, and happily that happened this week.

I liked the size of the blue and white one (4 blocks x 4 blocks) ...

but when I looked at the scrappy runner it just looked waaaay too large for a runner.

So I ripped a couple of seams out and made two smaller 3 x 3 toppers that I'm much happier with (plus I now have three instead of two!). There's three blocks left over so I may work those into another topper, but I wanted to see some progress so I just set them aside for now.

All three are quilted and a pile of blue binding has been made so all are now ready to stitch down the binding on - I've got the first one half finished. That will be my hand stitching today.

I wanted these three ready for next weekend as we are baking pies at the church and one of the gals is interested in buying one, maybe two, for a friend that she will be visiting out in the Maritimes in early October, so they will be 'advance orders' that I will take to her. I'm happy to do that for her but it means that I will still need to make several more for the bazaar table, so I need to keep the pace up 😊....M

Friday, September 15, 2017

Like Minds

The very same day that I started working on my Holly Bazaar star table toppers I got a call from Anne for a quick tutorial as to how to assemble them - she wanted to work on a few too. You will recall that she and I got together several months ago for a sewing session and she still had pieces cut but needed a little refresher in how everything went together.

She also had several Disappearing Four Patch blocks that were ready to work on, so they went together as well and will become another runner.

Not a bad result for a few hours work, I'd say. She's making them for the Madonna House gift shop and they will soon be looking for Christmas items. If I can swing it I will help add to her stack of toppers.

She also found the time to whip up this little treat and drop a few pieces off. Peach Almond Upside Down Cake. Can you say delicious??? The Official Cookie Tester's eyes popped wider not once, but twice - first when he discovered there was cake in the house, and second when he found out there was Amaretto in it. Still warm, and sooooo good....M

Sunday, September 10, 2017


Betty has started hand stitching another beautiful quilt. The simplicity of the colour palette and the block are combining to create a spectacular result.

It's a simple little block and she's relying on the texture of embroidered vintage white linens to make it sing. It's working!

There's a sprinkling of colour in each of the block that keeps your eye moving and looking for more.

The blocks will finish at about 3" and she'll lay them out in a woven pattern, creating just a little more texture as she goes.

It. Is. Stunning!

The heavy embroidery on some of the pieces combined with lace are spectacular. She is toying with tea dying it when it is all together to give it a more golden/honey tone but has some time to decide on that. In the meantime, she's having fun painting with whites....M

Monday, September 04, 2017

Gettin' Serious About Santa

It happens every year about this time. I sit bolt upright in bed with the realization that the Holly Bazaar is just a little over two months away and I have a lot of sewing to do! This year my favourite niece is getting married at the end of September, so that takes a sewing weekend or two out of the mix. Then there's Thanksgiving... I think I need to take a leave of absence.

What to do? Make a list and get busy. It's always too long but I like to pick and choose from a few options in case I get bored with what I'm working on.

So, with list in hand, I pulled a selection of Christmas fabrics to cut blocks for the ever popular Scrappy Star table topper; I'll make three or four of them. It's always fun to find a favourite that you thought you had used up.

A pile of blocks from last year's blitz was still on the corner of the sewing table (hard to believe, I know 😉) so I laid them out, found a few white scraps for the stars, and put it together, so it's ready to quilt. One down. Hopefully my quick start doesn't make me complacent....M